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Edinburgh Castle.

Edinburgh Castle - Video Transcript

Dominating the skyline atop a tower of black volcanic rock, Edinburgh Castle stands,
an overwhelming reminder of Scotland's rich and ancient history.
Carved into shape by glacial activity there is evidence a fortification here as far back as 900 BC. Throughout the ages Castle Rock has played a crucial role in Scottish history as one of the most easily defended positions country.
Many armies have trod this well-worn route, from the roman's during the first and second centuries to the Jacobite’s in the seventeen hundreds.
The castle has seen much conflict over the centuries with the last being a rather subdued attempt by Bonnie Prince Charlie’s troupes in 1745, from then the castles saw peace for nearly two hundred years and served as the home of the British Army in Scotland until the 1920s.
These days Edinburgh Castle is known as one of  Scotland's most visited tourist attractions and it serves those who climb Castle Hill well, the Esplanade afford have some of the best views in Edinburgh, on a clear day you can see crisp views of the Pentlands to the south and over the Firth of Forth to Fife.
From the north side on the Esplanade and into the castle itself a staggering history unfolds almost everywhere you look.
The entrance gateway, well-guarded on either side by Robert the Bruce and William Wallace will take you to the 16th century.
Portcullis gate and into the battlements be sure to have your camera ready because the views only improve. Heading past the cart shed you run into the world war two year old 1 o'clock gun which fires surprisingly at one o'clock every day of the week except Sunday.
Mons Meg enormous fifteenth century Belgium built siege gun on is impressive and equally intimidated, if military history is a particular interest don't miss the National War Museum of Scotland and the Scottish National War Memorial to very peaceful and poignant  attractions.
There are many other interesting things to see and nukes to explore at Edinburgh castle.
There is a fee to enter however strolling the Esplanade is free of charge.
There’s the tearoom and the red coat cafe for when hunger strikes, two gift shops and food shops selling whisky and fine Scottish produce, and if you feel like tying the knot in spectacular fashion the castle even has not covered.
While you’re up at the top end to the Royal Mile Ramsey garden,The Outlook and Camera Obscura and Scotch whisky experience are all within arm's length under all well worth a look.